Alu Acoustic

Untitled-5                                               Alu Acoustic 
Inner Duct Construction :  1 Aluminium, 2 Polyester
 or 2 metalized polyester
     Nominal Thickness of Inner Duct :  43-44microns
Jacket Construction :
Insulation :  25mm Polyester/Glasswool
Available Diameters :  152-356
Temperature Range :  -30°C / + 150°C
Air Velocity :  30m/sec (max)
Operating  Pressure :  2000Pa (max)
Standard Length :  0.5-1 meter
Packing :  Box


Description :
Alu Acoustic is flexible sound-absorbing and thermally insulated ducting with Aluminium micro-perforated ducting on the inside. It is lined with 25 mm thick polyester fibre insulation and is covered on the outside with multilayer aluminium/polyester jacket to give an excellent vapour-barrier and prevent condensation forming. The outstanding sound-absorbing and noise reduction features are guaranteed by special micro-perforations on the internal ducting which break up sound waves so they cannot propagate inside Alu Acoustic ducting.