Ploy Flex


Untitled-3                                                  PolyFlex
Inner Duct Construction :  3 Metalized Polyester
     Nominal Thickness of Inner Duct :  44 micron
Jacket Construction :  Met. Polyester jacket
Insulation :  25mm Polyester Insulation
Available Diameters :  102-406mm
Temperature Range :  -30°C / + 120°C
Air Velocity :  30m/sec (max)
Operating  Pressure :  3000Pa (max)
Standard Length :  6-10 meter
Packing:  Plastic Bag


Description :
Poly Flex is flexible ducting manufactured with multi layer lining made of an Metalized Polyester strip (3 layer) and polyester film (2 layers) in which a spiral wire of harmonic steel is inserted between the layers.